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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blumen Gardens, Part Two...

These next few photos are taken in the old garage building I showed you yesterday.

I brought the wrong lens with me so these only show small areas. The reason for so many photos.

Now into the factory/warehouse.

I don't dare buy one of  these Simplify, my husband my hold me to it.

Does this glazing globe make my hips look wide?

This is so cool in person.

Lydia's wonderful mushroom! I wish she'd make me one. No, not a mushroom, should of said make one for me :)

Please turn me into a handsome prince.

"What's that, what you say?" "Well turn the dang music down and you'll be able to hear me!"

Beam me up Scotty.

This is in the last building I want to share with you. They rent it out for special occasions. I hope to have my 60th. b-day there next year. Yes, you heard me right, I'm planning on having a party for myself. It's not every day you turn 60!

Love this piece!

What I feel after going to Blumen Gardens. Hope you can visit it some time.
Well, I just can't figure out how to keep this info above the photos instead of showing up at the bottom after the photos, so please bare  (tee hee) with me. Don't worry I'm dressed. Anyhow, Blumen Gardens is another of my favorite places to go for inspiration and eye candy (promise, I won't continue to refer all of my faves this way, just assume that is the case). Today I have photos inside the buildings I showed you yesterday. Hope you enjoy (enjoyed). I forgot to tell you B.G. used to be an old factory/warehouse. They've done a wonderful job refurbishing it. Sorry about the number of photos, but I'd rather look at these than to read my babbling. Besides, you can zip right through them if you choose. Thanks for reading my blog.

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