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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HELP!!! What the heck have I done now?#!*

Oh my gosh, I thought I'd create my own banner! Now I see why people pay other people to do theirs. How can I get rid of this now? I want to start all over, but can't get rid of the dang banner I created, "oh no, it's Frankenstein."  Can anyone help me? I designed it using Picasa  and screwed it up! I'm trying to either make it smaller or get rid of it completely. Any ideas would be great and much appreciated. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I want to scream! I just previewed my post and somehow I've changed the font to some screwy thing you can hardly read. I'm sooo embarrassed! I'm giving up for today. I'm afraid of what I might do trying to "fix" it. :(

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