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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Na Da Barn Sale Day Two

Inside the barn, lot's of wonderful, (you know) eye candy! There, I said it again.

My friend Andrea bought this umbrella to use as a prop for her art booth. I'm so jealous.

"I thought I saw a puddie tat"

Fifi O'Neill, isn't she cute, and a french accent to boot. I bought her book "Romantic Prairie Style", and was able to have her sign it.

Me and Fifi

The corn crib.

"Any palomino's a palomine'o" I know it's not a palomino, I just love saying that.

Bath time

Aren't these girls just the cutest? The one on the right is one of Ann Marie's daughters. And those chicks.

Ann Marie and her new baby boy. I could just eat him up!

This is Jeanne Oliver, the gal that taught the class I took.

My classmates and me.

A couple of my classmates and me showing our art.

Jeanne and me. I had such a great time.
I attended the sale both days, I took a class on Saturday from Jeanne Oliver. It was so much fun and she is a sweetheart! This event was held very close to where I live, which was wonderful. No driving into Chicago, no flying to wherever trying to bring a bunch of supplies. I definitely would recommend this event, I enjoyed it immensely!


  1. Hi Deb!! Those pictures are great!!! especially the art class + my daughter and her friend :)
    ....I'm so glad you had a good time

    xo+farm blessings,
    Anne Marie

  2. Wow you meet Fifi! Awesome! She is a doll! Hi, Im Meme from Screaming Meme...I want to personally invite you to my blog...I am having a chalk paint giveaway! I hope you stop by to check it out!