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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mom's 89th. Birthday party

Hope I look as good at 89. Mom still drives locally (daylight only), lives by herself, and is still very self- sufficient.

My brother, Rick

Hubby, Joel

B.I.L. Jeff

Jeff's dog, Gunnar

#3 Victoria, one of my niece, Yoshe's four kids

#2 Joe

#1 Eric

#4 Alexander

Bad picture, beautiful girls. My niece, Annette's three girls, and Victoria.

Eric, Yoshe's hubby.  My niece, Annette, Traci, and Kailey

My nieces, Annette and Joy. I do not take good people pictures, sorry Annette and Joy

Kailey modeling my breast plate. It's a dragon fly in case you wondered.

Allison with breast plate

Eric and Yoshe

Yoshe with my breast plate

Jeff giving Eric a ride in his Razor

Molly, Gunnar ,Joel, and Sadie. Sadie turned 13 on the 26th. of June

Kailey Bug

S.I.L. Lynn with her new car. Snazzy heh?

Victoria catching a ride with Jeff

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