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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A few art pieces I've made in the last few days, and want to share with you.

This is actually my second piece I made and gave away as a gift.   

I used vintage sheet music, an old botanical print, which I colored, and some ric rac on the edge.
The back of my second piece. I painted it using chalk board paint, which seems to be a hot item these days.

This is my first piece. I kind of wish I hadn't outlined my bird in black, it seems a bit harsh to me.

This is my favorite piece. I had a small canvas that I had painted many moons ago, and never liked it so I covered it with this collage. I used a vintage book page from a German book, an old photo booth photo, another botanical print, a punched map mounted on an old poker chip, and finally added the letter G. I thought the gal could be from Germany.

My niece and I went to Antropologie this past weekend, and took a class making these plant hangers. We used many wine corks for this project. I'm surprised mine turned out as well as it did, considering all the wine I had to drink to get these corks! :))


  1. Love the plant hanger!! You should post some instructions.

  2. Love Antropologie - not so keen on their prices, great plant hanger, very unusual, I too am into altered art, love those hearts are you stalking me or living my alternative life in the US.

    Mind you I am not a nurse I work with adults with learning disabilities.