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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Maybe I've finally found a way to share.

  Well, I think I might of figured out a way to share my blog. We'll see whether I get any comments. I've had a busy day. I had family over for Easter dinner. It turned out quite well. I was exhausted. I couldn't sleep last night, I was up making something for my Mom from 1:00a.m. -3:30a.m., then I still couldn't sleep. Usually I fret and worry about having people over, but I was actually excited about it because I had gotten most everything I needed to do done, and I wasn't just hopping out of the shower per usual. :)
    I plan to show photos of stuff I've made, and more shops I love to frequent. I've asked permission from some shop owners' and they thought it was a good idea. Free advertising, and these shops are so cool to go in to for inspiration and eye candy.
     I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. The weather was very nice in northern Illinois today, no rain,and sun!
Talk to you soon.

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