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Sunday, April 24, 2011


   I have two followers! I guess what I did worked. Donna and Dawn. Donna is my friend from work, and Dawn has a wonderful blog, and makes the coolest things. She inspired me to finally try blogging. I can see I have a lot to learn. So hopefully those of you that have blogs will give me some tips. "I"m so excited, I just can't hide it..." Great another night with no sleep...
    Hey Dawn, Deb, and Donna. Could this be a sign? " The 3 D'S" Well, we are very dimensional, or in my case "demential" :))


  1. Hi Deb! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I can't wait to follow along and see what you are up to.

    Many Easter blessings to you and your family

    Sharon and Max

  2. Im here via Dawn...I am mostly a lurker. I have enjoyed looking at the antique store pictures..very nice things. I have 2 blogs but dont post much..We just opened up an antique store called Minnie Jane's so have been real busy. I will be back and good luck with your blog. They can be complicated sometimes and I dont seem to have patience to figure everything out. Sally

  3. I love helping out the newbies since I am one myself! Dawn is the best and she in very inspiring so you are off to a great start!~
    Come visit!

  4. Hi, Deb! I'm your 10th follower, do I get a prize? I can't wait to see some of your projects on here!

  5. I would love to see picks of places you like, I enjoyed the one you showed already. Welcome and hope you get more followers. Mine is slow too but I do need to be more consistent! I look forward to more from you and WELCOME!!!

  6. WELCOME DEB,to the blogging world! I am willing to bet, you'll never be sorry...only, delighted, inspired and surprised! The gift of communing with like minded souls is so special, even though this is cyberspace.
    i have met some contacts in person now and have a host of special on line friends i share with!
    you sound like a wonderful and gifted human being...YOU are ON YOUR WAY! BEAUTIFUL and OUTSTANDING photos, you have here, for a much inspiring start!
    ...and i also remember when i first started blogging...SCARY, GREAT, NOT SO GREAT, FABULOUS...then it just got better and better! have fun with it, i can tell i don't even need to say this to you!!! MUCH luck and FUN to you!

  7. HI there! I'm Laurie from Laurie's Charming Designs. I came from visiting Dawn. Welcome to Blogland, you are in good hands. I'll be checking on you. lol Have fun!

  8. Congrats on starting out! I did just that a year ago and already you have more posts than me! ROFLOL I suspect you're going to be much more loyal to the task than myself. I LOVED your pictorial of the shop outside Chicago...oh that I lived closer!
    just me...lookin' forward to more eye candy from your area...jan