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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three concerts in three weeks!

I'm so excited. I purchased tickets to three concerts yesterday. The Moody Blues, June 11th, Robert Plant, June 16th., and K.D. Lang June 23rd. My husband, Joel and I are going to the M.B. with some friends. The next week my friend Cheryl and I are going to see R.P. from Led Zepplin (oh to be young, and know what I think I know now). #3 K.D. Lang with two friends Connie and Laura. Connie's treat for Laura and my birthdays in June. Too bad they all fell on the days they did, but you only live once, and I'm not getting any younger! The concerts are at this wonderful venue called Ravinia in Highland Park, Il. It's quite a drive from where I live, but I usually only go to one or two concerts a season. Lawn seats range from $22-27. Can't beat that, except I'm probably spending $25 more for gas. Still a good deal. Have a great day everyone. I'll post some pics of Ravinia if I can find them.


  1. I love the duet Robert Plant sings with Alison Krause. An old Everley Brothers song. Ummm...can't think of it right now. They did an awesome concert on Crossroads on CMT.

  2. I saw the Moody Blues in Birmingham some time ago - they are well worth the price of a ticket.

    I am off to Wembley Stadium in June to see Take That with my daughter. The last time I stood on that turf I was 18 and saw elton John, The Beach Boys, The Eagles with Joe Walsh and Rufus - many years ago.